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EB3-Other (EW) program is intended to be an employment program rather than mere immigration benefits program.  There are many U.S. employers who are having hard time employing and retaining enough U.S. workers.  Rather than hiring illegal immigrants, some of these employers will sponsor foreign workers for immigration benefits in exchange for those workers working for them for at least one year.  This foreign recruitment and sponsorship is designed to supplement the local, U.S. hiring process, not to replace them.  Thus, any U.S. employer who starts this EW sponsorship program must show that they hired all the eligible and willing workers who applied before sponsoring any foreign workers.  The priority must be given to the U.S. workers who want to work over any foreign workers.  Thus, any employer who predominantly relies on foreign sponsorship for majority of their workforce is not adhering to the laws.

Jinhee Wilde of Wilde & Associates, LLC has been the immigration counsel for Case Farms since 2006.  She advises and assists Case Farms to do the recruitment for foreign labor certification processing and works with several foreign immigration consulting agencies to recruit diligent, reliable workers who will work for Case Farms and help those workers and their families with immigration process.  Unlike other employers, Case Farms staff directly files any PERM LC application from their headquarters after Ms. Wilde’s review rather than allowing any broker or agents to file those LC applications.

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Ms. Wilde stresses that this program is to help the employer supplement their recruitment and hiring of local, U.S. workers and is not designed mainly to offer immigration benefits.  What sets Ms. Wilde apart from other brokers or immigration attorneys who work with an employer on this type of EW program is that she focuses on the personnel needs of the employer rather than focusing on providing immigration benefits to the foreign workers.  She states that getting permanent residenct status for workers and their whole family is a benefit they receive for working diligently and reliably for the employer who was kind enough to sponsor them.  Ms. Wilde insists on the foreign agencies to personally interview the potential workers to apprise them of the work they are expected to do and obtain the signed Agreement to Work before accepting them into the Case Farms EW program.  Thus, anyone who is interested in the EW program should contact the following agencies:

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